About Us

The Rockville Concert Band was founded in 1957 by Frank R. Troy, Jr. The band is supported by the city of Rockville, Maryland, through the Department of Recreation and Parks.  We have a current roster of approximately 75 members.

The purpose of the band, as stated in the constitution, is “to provide for the community of Rockville, Maryland, a concert band and a recreational outlet for adult musicians.”

Our goals are:

  1. Provide an organization which meets regularly as a musical outlet for adult musicians
  2. Encourage musicianship among adult musical performers,
  3. Maintain the highest standards of performance within the limits and abilities of the membership of the band,
  4. Provide concerts primarily for the city of Rockville, and
  5. Present to the public, in general, the best in the tradition of both contemporary and classical band music.

All types of music are played by the band:  classical transcriptions, original compositions for concert band, pops, Dixieland, marches, musicals, jazz, rock, patriotic, and novelties.  Our concerts include holiday concerts, children’s concerts, and animation concerts with music from movies and television with an accompanying slide show.   Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. throughout the year.

The band performs about 10 concerts each year. About six concerts are played during the fall, winter, and spring season at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Auditorium, Rockville Civic Center. Our outdoor season includes concerts at the Memorial Day ceremonies for Rockville and at various locations throughout the county.

The Rockville Concert Band has performed on the Ellipse, as entertainment for White House visitors; at the President’s Cup Regatta; at the Bicentennial celebrations in Philadelphia; for Flag Day ceremonies; for college commencement exercises; for special celebrations of Rockville’s sister city, Pinneberg, West Germany; and at various parks in the city of Rockville.  The band has featured soloists on accordion, piano, xylophone, drum set, jug, and Alphorn, as well as on standard concert band instruments.

The band has fostered two additional musical ensembles: The Rockville Swing Band and The Rockville German Band.  These bands play concerts in venues where smaller ensembles work better.